Return the saucepan to the heat and gently bring back to the boil. Pour in the egg mixture and beat together. This delicious ice cream requires no churning, so its perfect if you don’t have an ice cream machine. This ice cream is my freezer friend.

This recipe comes from our very own CRM Assistant, Amy, and it couldn’t be easier. Containing just two ingredients, all you need to do is blitz two frozen bananas with a tablespoon of peanut butter and voila! A super silky, ultra-decadent dessert that’s impossibly healthy, too. Spoon into a large loaf tin lined with baking paper or cling film. Wrap in cling film and freeze for at least 6 hours before turning out and slicing or scooping straight from the tin.

Transfer the ice cream from the freezer to the fridge 20–30 minutes before serving to soften slightly before serving, scooped into glass bowls. Alice Hart is a food writer and recipe developer, working across a wide variety of media, from magazines to books. Alice is also invested in sports nutrition and is a Level 3 personal trainer, a seasoned endurance sports competitor and a trained chef. Put a tablespoon of stem ginger syrup and two small scoops of sorbet into each of four tall glasses. Top up with ginger beer and serve at once with long spoons and straws. This is an incredibly delicious dessert, especially when served with fresh figs or raspberries.

I’ve tried many variations for flavouring including coffee, cinnemon, descicates coconut, ginger peppermint and the list goes on… Pour the ice cream into a freezable container. Freeze until solid (about 3-4 hours or overnight).

I always have a tub of vanilla and at least one other flavour stashed in there. Great for a treat on a sunny day and delicious melting over a hot pudding. One of my store cupboard staples, haven’t bought ice cream in years. We’ve reduced the fat in our healthier chocolate ice cream recipe by using semi-skimmed milk…

Cool off this summer with our colourful collection of We’ve got a huge variety of flavours to keep you chilled through the whole summer with a stash of frozen treats in the freezer. How to make simple Sicilian ricotta ice cream in brioche rollsAn easy recipe for pistachio, chocolate and vanilla ice cream, made the Sicilian way with ricotta.

Sundaes are easy to eat, and we think making them should be too. Make our easy homemade ice cream with a twist. Master your own praline, then make a custard-based ice-cream, mix in the caramel-pecan nuts and freeze.

I served it with sticky toffee pudding. There was plenty left over for another time which was gorgeous served with crumbled crunchie bar and chocolate buttons. If you’re adding extra flavouring to your ice cream, now is the time to do it! We like to add cocoa powder for a delicious chocolate ice cream, or mix through berry coulis for a raspberry ripple.

There’s even dairy free ice cream for those who can’t have milk. From easy no-churn vanilla ice cream to nutty pistachio, we’ve got plenty of delicious ice cream recipes – perfect for cooling down on a hot summer’s day. Stir the remaining Turkish delight into the chilled custard along with the rosewater. Transfer to an ice-cream maker and churn, following the instructions. Spoon into a chilled container, then cover and freeze for at least 4 hours until firm. Serve with fresh figs or raspberries, if liked.

Our HR Assistant Lauren is a big fan of this one as it reminds her of blissful summers spent escaping from the Italian sun in parasol-shaded cafes. Have eight 150ml lolly moulds and wooden sticks ready. Pour a little chocolate mixture into the base of each mould, followed by a tablespoon of plum mixture. Pour in a slightly more generous helping of chocolate and another tablespoon of plum, repeating until you reach the top of each mould. Freeze for 40 minutes, the put a wooden lolly stick into each mould – it should stand upright.