4 types of shrimp are often cultivated in Indonesia

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4 types of shrimp are often cultivated in Indonesia
4 types of shrimp are often cultivated in Indonesia

Indonesia – Shrimp is a very promising fishery commodity, the opportunity for shrimp is still very large compared to other types of cultivation.

Shrimp we often see used as ingredients for processed foods. Good taste and high content make the demand for shrimp continues to increase every year.

To meet the needs of these shrimps, it is not enough to rely solely on catching shrimp fishermen at sea. So it is necessary to assist with shrimp cultivation in ponds or in artificial ponds.

Of the many types of shrimp in Indonesia. Here are 4 types of shrimp that are often cultivated by shrimp farmers, as for the four types of shrimp, namely:

Windu Shrimp

In the 80-90s, tiger prawns became the prima donna. But the shrimp which has the Latin name Penaeus monodon is currently not being developed anymore. The main factor is disease attacks on shrimp such as white spot or white spot virus. To know more about Travel you can visit this site saklikentgorge

Vaname Shrimp (Lithopenaeus vannamei)

Vaname shrimp was developed as a solution for farmers who kept tiger prawns that were attacked by the White spot virus. The advantages of vaname shrimp include low temperatures, faster growth rate, and high population density.

Giant Shrimp

This type of shrimp has a larger size, giant prawns are a type of shrimp originating from India and Indonesia. Giant prawns in Indonesia can be found in various regions and each place has varieties with different characteristics. For example, giant prawns from Sumatra and Kalimantan islands have large heads with long claws and are green and yellow in color. While giant prawns from Jambi have large heads. Smaller with small claws, and golden in color, on the island of Java itself, giant prawns have small sizes found in rivers, ponds, and reservoirs.

Freshwater Lobster

This type of shrimp has a high selling value. So it is not surprising that it is often used by farmers. Even not only in Indonesia, this lobster shrimp is also a very profitable commodity in the markets of Japan, America, and other countries so not a few keep this lobster shrimp for cultivation.

Thus the article is about 4 types of shrimp that are often cultivated in Indonesia. Hopefully, this article can increase knowledge, especially about shrimp.

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