5 Fun and Educational Activities for Your Kids

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Kids can be so cute and can also be very difficult to deal with. We love spending time with children, but they can be so extra to the extent that they start to frustrate us.

It was revealed from many opinions that were collected from UK.collected.reviews that kids tend to be easier to manage when they are busy with something they love or enjoy doing. Most parents and guardians worry that they don’t want their kids to play too much to have time for study and not lose concentration easily.

The reality is, kids can learn while they play, school is not the only place for learning. You can teach them, and it does not have to necessarily be like the teacher-student classroom lesson, you can get your children in the zone of fun and learning at the same time.

Don’t get it wrong, kids should always have their time for play. It is actually very good for them, but there are times that you will need them to be calm and resourceful. That is why parents who are familiar with educational plan reviews employ the use of any of the following 5 fun and educational activities for kids that are listed below.

1. Teach them new life skills

Many basic life skills are not taught in the classroom and are very important for human survival. You can teach your children how to cook, how to bake, how to wash their clothes, when and how to clean the house, record keeping and many more. All these activities can be fun when taught in the right atmosphere.

2. Teach them how to keep a garden

You can teach your kids the practical aspects of agriculture by taking them along with you when you want to plant or transplant flowers, water them and weed them. You can also go ahead to share simple routines like daily watering among your kids. They would learn about how food grows and appreciate nature more. This particular activity can even give them a comparative advantage over their peers in class.

3. Storytelling and story writing

You can set up a storytelling challenge among your kids, when they tell stories straight from their heads, they are strengthening their senses of imagination. Story writing will improve their writing skills, and this will help them in class.

4. Play learning games

Different learning games such as chess, draft and monopoly can be played to make them smarter while they have fun. Monopoly will teach the concept of money and the exchange of values. Chess will strengthen their calculative skills. So by playing learning games, your kids can learn and still have fun.

5. Try Science experiments at home

Some basic science experiments can be done at home. A test for water retention capacity of different soil types is one. You can also try colour mixing and other types of easy to do experiments.


Children can learn and have fun, it is for you as a parent or guardian to create an enabling environment for them, where they can do what they love at their convenient time.