MEAT- To welcome the special moments of the new year, having a barbecue party is fun. However, the fun atmosphere can be spoiled if Carnivores don’t know which ones are good to be the main dish at the party. Type of meats for the grill

Please note, that not all cuts of the flesh are suitable for grilling or grilling. If you make a mistake in choosing, meat that has been processed is actually not good to eat because it has a tough texture and the seasoning doesn’t absorb. Too bad, right?

So, knowledge of meat for this grill is very important for Carnivores to know.



Rib eye is a form of meat good for grilling. The most popular cut of beef for barbeque is the rib eye or ribs. Both bone and boneless cuts are the same. Its location is on the rib of the cow.

The rib eye character is absolutely perfect to accompany special Carnivores’ moments. Even with a short grilling or grilling process, Carnivores can already get ready-to-eat meat with a delicious taste.

To process rib eye with the recommended level of doneness (medium rare) (1-inch size) it will take between 9-12 minutes to grill. However, for 1-inch size, increase the time to 12-15 minutes.


The texture of the meat is very tender
High fat and delicious


tenderloin, a type of meat suitable for barbecue/grill

As one of the most expensive cuts of meat, a Tenderloin is a great option for grilling.

The tenderloin is located on the inner loin of the cow. Therefore, the beef muscles in this section rarely work. So, naturally, this piece has the softest texture when compared to the other parts.

To bake the Tenderloin to perfection, it should take about 45-60 minutes. Once baked, wait about 10 minutes before serving.


The softest texture
Contains fat, but not so much


Top sirloin can be a good meat alternative to bbq at a friendlier price than rib eye or tenderloin.

This cut of meat stretches from the lower back to the beef hipbone. Although it contains only a small amount of fat and is boneless, it still tastes good. Including suitable, if Carnivores make it a menu at a barbeque party.

For perfect enjoyment, bake to medium-rare doneness. Avoid overcooking because the texture will be tougher and less delicious:


The meat is soft and quite tender
Not too much fat


beef brisket, a type of meat suitable for barbecue/grill

For Indonesian dishes, brisket is usually cut into rawon or Soto. But actually, if you process it right, Carnivores can also take it to a barbecue party.

The location of the brisket is in the lower chest area to the cow’s armpit. Although basically the texture of this meat is hard, you can still process it into grilled meat.

To make it soft, Carnivores can first soak it in water for more than 7 hours. Of course, this does not include the marinade time, which can take days to weeks.


Hard meat, but can be processed to be soft
High fat


New York strip refers to a cut taken from a boneless short loin.

The innate taste is already delicious, making Carnivores only need to sprinkle salt and black pepper when grilling or grilling it.

The butter will melt quickly if Carnivores spreads it over a cooked, hot new york strip. Of course, this will be more appetizing.


Soft texture
Juicy and delicious


porterhouse, a type of meat suitable for barbecue/grill

If Carnivores are still unfamiliar, the porterhouse is a short loin cut from the tip of the butt. The meat is quite tender for roasting.

Interestingly, in the porterhouse, there is a bit of tenderloin muscle and rib eye on the sides.

When you want to bake it, make sure the porterhouse is completely thawed from the freezer. Simply bake at a temperature of 54 Celsius within 10-13 minutes, the meat is ready to be served.


The texture of the meat is soft and contains a lot of fat.
Thick and juicy meat


This letter T-shaped cut is somewhat similar to a house porter because it contains a mixture of rib eye parts. The difference is, Carnivores will find little or no tenderloin mix here.

With a lower fat content than rib eye, Carnivores who are avoiding fat can choose this cut.


If Carnivores can compare and determine the most appropriate cut of meat to fill the moment with special people, prepare it immediately. But to get a delicious taste, make sure Carnivores also master the processing techniques correctly.