Use the filter to see the variety of recipes on offer allowing you to whip up a tasty home cooked meal every day without ever having to worry. Dale Pinnock’s filling curry is packed with peanut butter, sweet potatoes and spinach. Orzo makes a quick alternative to risotto, no stirring for half an hour! The starch from the pasta makes a creamy sauce without the cream. Orzo is also great to use in a vegetable soup.

Ideally the spice paste should be made 24 hours in advance for maximum flavour. This wonderful warming korma is infused with saffron, garam masala and chilli spices and served with plain wholemeal paratha. Scallops and shiitake mushrooms add a touch of luxury to Jeremy Pang’s lo mein recipe, but its foundation is actually a very simple egg noodle stir fry. The subtle hint of dark chocolate in the sauce adds a depth of flavour and bitterness that is a welcome counterpoint to the richness of this dish.

Ready to bake and enjoy as part of a luxury party spread. All our recipes have been checked and approved by a specialist team of dietitians, so you’ll always know what’s in your food. Parts of this tofu chow mein represent good luck and fortune – noodles for longevity and the golden tofu cubes for ingots of gold. A delicious vegan stir fry for Chinese New Year. Pangrattato are Italian crispy breadcrumbs, and a great way to use up stale bread. Sprinkle generously over lemony, garlicky pasta for a quick, satisfying dinner.

Try our easy courgetti recipe, made with baby plum tomatoes, garlic, pesto, pine nuts and a lot of courgette noodles. Avocados make salad dressings and ice creams super-creamy, so why not put them in a pasta sauce? It’s a great way of using up overly ripe avocados. Serve up a smoky vegan chilli with our easy recipe. Lunch recipes These quick, easy and varied recipes are the perfect way to make every lunch something to look forward to. The delicious flavours of pulled pork in a crisp puff pastry.

Bacteria and other microbes play an essential role in keeping you healthy. Unfortunately we have no recipes matching your search criteria.

To ensure this we work closely with small family-run British farms to have complete transparency over Quality and Sustainability. Check out this creamy risotto with cavolo nero, crunchy peas and punchy chilli. Try more of our risotto recipes, including a healthy freekeh risotto with spring greens. Lunchbox ideas Hints and tips for healthier packed lunches, as well as lots of easy-to-prepare recipes your kids will love. Take a look at our suggestions below to get you started. This indulgent fish curry is full of gorgeous spices like fenugreek powder, cumin and red chillies.