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It is therefore vital when travelling within Europe you purchase adequate travel insurance, if you wish to be covered should you require medical treatment. It can insure your important documents, personal baggage and even travel money up to an amount set out in your policy. A backpacking holiday is full of adventure and a chance to explore new things. But when you’re carrying personal belongings, you can be at risk. When you’re on the go, valuable holiday essentials like mobile phones and passports can easily get lost, damaged or stolen.

An annual multi trip policy can save you money if you travel 2 or more times per year. It also means you wont have to set up a new policy every time you go. While we’ve included a lot of adventure sports as standard on our Backpacker Insurance, things like skiing need extra levels of cover to make sure you’ve got the best protection. You will need to add this to your policy at an additional premium. Our range of policies are priced and designed to cover many pre-existing medical conditions. Many countries will require British Nationals to produce a visa when passing through border control.

Travel Insurance

Up to £500 for extra travel and accommodation costs while you arrange a replacement. When using the return home cover, all cover is suspended on clearance of customs in your home country and restarts after the baggage check-in at your international departure point to your overseas destination. If your trip home exceeds 21 days your policy will terminate immediately and you will need to purchase a new policy should you wish to travel again. If you are travelling within Europe, From 1st January 2021 rules around travel to Europe have changed, visit theGovernment websitefor up to date information on passports, EHIC/GHIC, healthcare and more.

  • Provides cover if following an accident your injuries lead to death, total loss of sight/limb or permanent disability.
  • Checking a policy before you buy is the best way to make sure you’re covered for everything you’ll need while you’re away.
  • However, a replacement to the EHIC, the Global Health Insurance Card is available and works in the same way as the EHIC.
  • If we determine that we are unable to provide cover for your condition, then we won’t be able to offer you travel insurance.

The only game about travelling around the world that is small enough to take with you. ROCK will also share data with IPA UK so that they can underwrite your policy and if you make a claim. countryhavenresort.com You can find out more about how IPA UK will process your data in the ‘Data Protection Notice and Fraud’ section of the Policy Wording document and by visiting the AXA Assistance website.

What is the maximum trip duration on a backpacker travel insurance policy?

With Multitrip.com, there are four areas of cover for your choice. Consider the countries you will visit during your trip and pick the most adequate option for your journey. Cancellation cover if your travelling companions are medically diagnosed with Covid-19 or personally instructed to isolate by the NHS or a medical professional. As well as covid vaccinations check with your GP for any additional jabs you might need like yellow fever or rabies, you might need to get some well in advance of your trip.

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