Chili Sauce: Kinds Of Sambal In Indonesia

People who have an Indonesian tongue, of course, when they eat, the taste is not complete without being accompanied by chili sauce. Yup, chili sauce is a complement to almost all types of food in Indonesia. Food mixed with chili sauce will add its own taste, the spicy sensation makes us addicted to continue eating it.

In Indonesia, which has a variety of tribes and cultures, of course, there are many types of sambal from various regions which are formulated in a unique way and have a unique and distinctive taste as well. Here are the kinds of chili sauce in Indonesia that we have summarized for you:

Sambal Matah

Sambal Matah is a typical Balinese chili sauce that tastes delicious and fresh. The fresh taste of this chili is because the ingredients used are not stir-fried but raw, that’s why it’s called sambal matah. The ingredients for this sambal matah are shallots, cayenne pepper, lemongrass, oranges, cooking oil and a little salt. To know more about business you can visit this site treadmillsandellipticalmachines

Sambal Bongkot

Still from Bali, in addition to sambal matah, there is also chili bongkot. Bongkot is another name for kecombrang. Sambal bongkot is made from thinly sliced ​​kecombrang flowers and mixed with chilies and shallots. This sambal can be eaten with chicken or fish.

Tempoyak Sambal

Tempoyak is the flesh of the durian fruit that has been fermented. This sambal may sound strange, but it turns out that this chili has a lot of fans, you know. How to make this chili sauce is to ferment durian in a tightly closed jar for a week, then mix it with the chili sauce that has been pulverized and stir-fried. The taste of this chili is spicy, salty, sour, and sweet.

Sambal Belut (Eel)

This sambal is very delicious accompanied by rice. This sambal is a mixture of fried eel. The way to make it is to clean the eel and remove the contents of the stomach, after it is cooked, mix the fried eel with the sauce that you have made. This sambal is similar to chicken penyet.

Sambal Roa

Sambal roa is a chili sauce with a blend of shredded roasted roa fish meat that is mashed and roasted, after that it is mixed with various spices and added with other complementary ingredients.

Petai Sambal

For those of you who like petai, you can try this petai chili, this chili sauce will make you addicted. How to make it is to puree red chili, garlic, cayenne pepper, candlenut, a little sugar and salt after frying and add petai.

Soy Sauce

This soy sauce uses fresh ingredients without needing to be fried. How to make this chili sauce is quite easy, you only need sliced ​​​​tomatoes, red onions, cayenne pepper, green chilies and sweet soy sauce. This sambal is very delicious when accompanied by grilled chicken or fish, not only that, even the fried tempeh and tofu are also very delicious.

Dabu-dabu sauce

Sambal one is a typical chili sauce from Manado, North Sulawesi. This sambal is made from red chilies, shallots, basil, green chilies, tomatoes, salt and lime juice. This sambal is similar to the typical matah sambal from Bali.

Mango Sambal

This one sauce uses the main ingredient of mango. This sambal is quite unique from other sambals. This sambal goes well with rice and meat. How to make it puree red chili, salt, brown sugar and shrimp paste. After that, add the mango that has been sliced ​​into small pieces. The taste of this sambal is a bit sweet and sour because of the mango.

Tomato Sauce

Tomato sauce is often a complementary menu when eating. This sambal has a delicious and delicious taste when combined with fresh vegetables. This Smabl uses fresh tomatoes and the spicy taste of chili.

Sambal Terasi

Sambal terasi is one of the complementary menus that many people like. This chili sauce must always be at home, because this chili sauce is very suitable to accompany when eating. In addition, the distinctive smell makes us tempted to try it.

Onion Sauce

This samabl makes red and white onions as its main characteristics. The strong garlic flavor will make the spicy taste even more out and the red onion adds to the deliciousness of this chili sauce. This chili sauce can be said to be quite spicy, but you will definitely be addicted.

Sambal Ijo

This one sauce is often found in Padang restaurants. This chili sauce is made from green chilies, this chili sauce has a distinctive taste and is not too spicy. This sambal is suitable to be combined with coconut milk.

Sambal Plow

This sauce is similar to chili paste which has a taste that sticks to the tongue. This sambal has a slightly rough texture but is able to arouse the taste buds, so we want to eat it. This sambal is well known as a typical Indonesian chili sauce.

Peanut Sauce

Samabl Kacang is a type of chili sauce made from fried peanuts and added with cayenne pepper. So this peanut sauce is suitable to be combined with rice cake and boiled vegetables.

Colo-colo Sambal

This sambal is a typical Ambonese chili sauce, so this sambal is famous for being spicy and almost all Ambonese people have never been separated from this sambal. This chili sauce is very easy to make, the ingredients are already commonly used.

Sambal Embe

In addition to chili bongkot and sambal matah, Bali also has sambal embe. This embe sauce has its own taste and is perfect to accompany when eating. This sambal is made from cayenne pepper, fried onions, salt and a little oil that is fried.

Sambal Honje

Sambal honje is a typical chili sauce from the land of Sunda which is found in the district. Labuan Kab. Padeglang-Banten. This sambal must be present at every meal together at the Botram or Bancakan gathering, besides that it is also ngaliwet eating together with liwet rice.

Andaliman Sambal

Andaliman Sambal is a spicy chili sauce that is often encountered and served as a companion to Batak cuisine. Then, andaliman itself is the name of a cooking spice that comes from the wild skin of the fruit of citrus plants usually called Batak pepper.

Sambal Goang

This sauce is typical of Tasikmalaya, namely chili goang. Then, thisis sambal is made from cayenne pepper, garlic, salt and kencur. This sambal is always consumed with fresh vegetables. One of the popular foods served with sambal goang is pepes, tutug oncom rice and fried chicken or fish.

Kaluku Sambal

Sambal Kaluku has a very special taste. Usually this sambal is made to be served with Buras which is also the original dish of Ujung Pandang. This chili sauce uses snakehead fish as the main flavor trigger. This sambal is made with cayenne pepper mixed with grated young coconut.

Bacang Sambal

Sambal Bacang is a chili sauce originating from the Palembang area, South Sumatra. The main ingredient of this chili sauce is Bacang, which is a type of fruit that is still a relative to mango, which is known to have a fragrant aroma.

Sambal Parado

Sambal parado is a chili sauce with an extraordinarily spicy taste with pieces of uyang kaffir lime which has a sour and slightly bitter taste but tastes very special. This sauce is perfect for serving with anything.

Cibiuk Sambal

Cibiuk Sambal is one of the favorite chili sauces in West Java, precisely in Garut. Then, this sambal has a distinctive taste with a combination of kencur and shrimp paste that makes everyone addicted. This Samabl goes well with chicken.

Dadak Sambal

This sambal is quite famous in the land of Sunda. Restaurants in Sunda usually always provide this sudden chili recipe as a companion to Sundanese cuisine. This sambal has a spicy, slightly sweet and fresh taste.

Matcha Sauce

Sambal matches can be said to be very spicy. This sauce can make you sweat when you eat it. This sambal is spicy, especially when it is added with steamed rice and additional fried chicken.

Sambal Lingkung

This sambal is made with fish as basic ingredients such as mackerel, belida fish, white meat fish and others. This chili sauce is different from the usual chili sauce which emphasizes a spicy taste, this chili actually has a thin spicy taste and a prominent savory taste.

Chili Sauce

Sambal overlap is a typical preparation of the East Java region, precisely around Kediri. Then, this sambal is a modification of sambal pecel, where the spices used to make the sambal overlap with the spices to make the East Javanese-style pecel sauce. What distinguishes it is only the main ingredient, which is using mashed tempeh. The tempeh used is rotten tempeh, it does not mean that it is stale. But the tempe is too long in the fermentation.

Sambal Pencit

Pencit is a term for young mangoes for areas in East Java, the freshness of this young mango is very suitable to be used as a mixture of chili sauce. The spicy taste of the sambal is mixed with the sour taste of this young mango.

Chili Petis

This one sauce is usually used as a dip for fried tofu or tempeh. Then, this sambal has a delicious and spicy taste. This sambal petis is made from chili based ingredients combined with petis. Petis itself is already very famous on the island of Java.

Spicy Sambal

This sambal has a salty taste, sweet savory, fresh and an aroma that is able to arouse the taste buds. Peda itself is a type of sea fish that has gone through a salting process, so that’s why this sambal tastes salty and savory.

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