Dessert for an Elegant Dinner Party

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Dessert for an Elegant Dinner Party. When throwing a party, keep in mind the habits of your guests. When going to parties, people prefer to gather around the opening table. It’s much easier to meet everyone when walking around with a small plate of food to eat, such as a dessert, especially one that has a small shape that doesn’t make it complicated. Choosing a dessert to serve at a party is confusing.

Dessert for an Elegant Dinner Party. Especially if you make an elegant themed party. But don’t worry, you can try the dessert choices below to make them at home.


Mousse is a dessert made from cream and beaten egg until light and creamy to make it with coffee, chocolate, and vanilla flavors.


The tart is often said to be a cake like a sponge cake, even though tart is a kind of pie. The taste of sweet-tart mixed with sour from the fruit. It has a crust on the bottom but the inside is soft and creamy.

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Cheesecake is a sweet dessert with two or more layers. Soft texture with cream cheese mixed with egg and sugar. If it consists of two layers, the lower layer is much harder, because it is made from crackers, biscuits, or sponge cake.

Panna Cotta

Panna cotta is an Italian dessert that’s gaining popularity recently. It doesn’t require a baking process, so it’s quite easy to make. People liken eating panna cotta to eating vanilla ice cream. Because the texture is soft and melts on the tongue.


Sorbet is more like shaved ice than ice cream. Historically sorbets were made from snow and had a strong fruity taste when eaten. This ice made with fresh fruit juice is perfect for a summer dinner.


Pudding is a type of dessert that is also easy to make. It’s a little chewy, soft, and fits perfectly into a budget, but it makes for an elegant theme when given the right decorations. Store in the refrigerator until serving time to keep it cold when eaten.

Ice Cream

Of course, ice cream has a variety of flavors that many people like. Guests like the cold taste and have a creamy texture with a distinctive melting sweetness when eaten. Besides being used as a dessert itself, you can add ice cream as a topping on other foods.


People sometimes confuse gelato with ice cream. Gelato in Italian does mean ice cream, but in its journey, gelato has become a separate type of dessert because it is composed more of milk and not cream. The material is more dynamic because it is ‘home-made’.
This dessert option can be used if you create an elegant theme. Of course, with attractive and luxurious decorations. You can make gold and silver food decorations, or you can use the colored cutlery.