And, he prepares recipes for delicious fougasse, bagels and summer pudding. James heads up the east coast to the New England town of Salem. He visits an artisan bakery famed for its bread pudding and in the kitchen, he revives the secret to a donut. Raymond cooks dishes inspired by his globetrotting adventures, including flash fried squid with rocket salad.

Baking maestro Paul Hollywood shows how to make soda breads in under an hour. Plus, he shares his recipes for homemade crumpets, beef cobbler and Irish soda bread. After encouraging her sister and friend to attend a hip-hop class, Trisha serves up dinner. She makes baked spaghetti pie and spinach with a garlic dressing.

Nigella Lawson gives a step-by-step tutorial on how to create the perfect supper time meal for guests. She starts by cooking up the ultimate lamb shank and couscous dish. Casey Webb visits Hartford, Connecticut for a sweet and savoury burger with a surprising mix of toppings! While everyone is working, Ree fills the freezer with family favourites. She makes all-purpose meatballs, grilled chicken and a big batch of arrabbiata sauce.

Valentine visits the laboratory developing recipes for one of the world’s best restaurants, Noma. Amateur bakers make an eight-strand plaited loaf and bake 12 sweet and 12 savoury bagels. Featuring artisan baker Paul Hollywood and the doyenne of baking, Mary Berry. Trisha draws inspiration from her mother to prepare a delicious boxed lunch for Garth. She makes a turkey meatloaf sandwich and pineapple sweet tea.

Ina shows how to host the perfect dinner party without too much hassle. She uses store-bought appetizers, then she makes scallop gratins and two sweet treats. Rick admires the quality produce on offer at the English Market in Cork, Ireland.