GRILL: 15 Basic BBQ Ingredients and Cooking Tools

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GRILL– You can do moments gathering with family or closest people while Korean-style barbecue on New Year’s Eve.

Launching Chef Steps, Korean barbeque is one way for Koreans to gather with family or friends, linger to eat, and relax.

To make Korean-style barbecue at home, prepare basic ingredients and equipment from the grill too small side dishes.


The grill is the main tool for barbecue. Meanwhile, for Korean barbeque, you can use a binchotan grill or a grill that uses wood charcoal for fuel.

Grills like this should be used outdoors because the smoke from the charcoal is harmful to health.

If you want it to be more modern, you can use a non-stick grill (hot plate) on the stove fire.

Natural wood charcoal

If you use a burner in the form of a charcoal grill or binchotan grill, then you must prepare natural wood charcoal as fuel.

Portable stove

A portable stove will be useful as a heat source for a modern non-stick grill.

Use a small portable stove of course so that it fits in the middle of the dining table.

Portable gas stove

Don’t forget to also prepare some supplies of portable gas stoves. Korean-style barbecue takes a while to cook, so if you run out of gas you’ve got supplies.


Meat is the main menu in Korean barbecue. You can choose the type of meat according to your taste, beef, beef tongue, chicken, and seafood. Using thinly sliced meat. You can marinate the meat with Korean spices first.

Vegetables and mushrooms

Instead of meat, you can use vegetables and mushrooms for barbecue. Eggplant is a common vegetable substitute for meat in Korean barbecue. Usually, use thick and large types of mushrooms you can also use tofu as an alternative.


Some of the common sauces used for Korean barbecue include ssamjang, doenjang, and gochujang the most common. These sauces can be used for dipping or marinating meat.


Banchan is a small side dish. The type of banchan can be anything according to taste. However, traditional banchan is usually pickled or fermented vegetables such as radish, cabbage, or cucumber or commonly known as kimchi.


Wraps mean wrapping. Usually, use this wrap to wrap cooked meat. The most common wrap is lettuce but you can also use nori, steamed cabbage, and thinly sliced ​​radishes.

Sam garnish

According to Serious Eats, along with grilled meat, there should be an array of finishing garnishes to sprinkle on what’s called a sam garnish. Thinly sliced ​​fresh Korean green chilies, sliced ​​garlic, sesame seeds, and scallions are common ssam garnishes.


Rice is the main component of Korean-style food. However, you can also make rice as a side dish.

Food tongs

This cooking utensil is also a tool that must be provided. Requires string and tongs to turn meat or baked goods.

Scissors of meat

Requires scissors to cut the meat to be roasted. In Korean barbecue, the way to cut the meat is usually small when grilled to make it easier to use scissors as a cutting tool.

Small plate

Don’t forget to also prepare small plates for each family member to eat. You can use a collection of plates you have at home or disposable paper plates.


Prepare a fresh drink to complement the barbecue meat. Then, Fresh drinks can be anything to your liking. Drinks that are usually available for Korean barbeque in their home country, are usually in the form of soju or fizzy drinks. So, you can replace it with a healthier drink too.

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