How to protect a business idea

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Typically, webinars are used to establish you as a thought leader in a particular field and then monetised through selling your services directly or through affiliate products. For example; promoting a relevant accounting software package alongside a webinar on small business accounts. Popular apps for sale span areas including games, productivity and business management (a notepad app made close to £1,000,000 in one week in the early days of the App Store). To get going, you’ll need to be an expert developer able to create robust code, also be comfortable with IOS and Android development languages.

Since the early days of the internet, clever domain buyers have bought up common term top-level domains (.com, .net, org are a few examples) and made a fortune by reselling them at a later point (i.e. It’s important to note you can also specialise in popular country-level domains where there is demand (, .US, .IO are all popular). Most websites use stock images, essentially photos they buy online from platforms such as Shutterstock, Adobe Stock Photos and others to use on their websites and in marketing material. Becoming a freelancer requires you to have a specialist skill that is in demand and monetizable. Examples of skills in demand that command high fees include web development, graphic design, copywriting, software development, business development and virtual assistance . To make things a little easier to get going, for each entry I’ve covered the business idea/model, what you’ll need to start and where you should focus to market/grow your new business.

STEP 3 : Work out what business ideas are profitable

By the end of the year they’d sold more than 50 million novelty items and their Hallmark card shop had expanded into a chain. There are smaller business franchises too, such as baby classes, escape rooms, shops, soft furnishings, dog grooming, gyms…you name it, you can probably buy a franchise. If you know you want to start a business but haven’t had that lightbulb moment of inspiration, don’t worry. We sometimes use affiliated links which may result in a payment following a visitor taking action on an external website. The user experience shouldn’t be any different, and such links do not affect our editorial decision-making. Listen to this interview with Save the Student’s founder about how he started a business in his first year of university.

Get detailed information about how to write a business plan on the Start Up Donut website. Please contact Wilder Coe for further information and bespoke professional advice, tailored to your circumstances, on any matters of specific interest to you. This document makes it simple for potential investors, financial institutions, and company management to understand and absorb.

  • With services-based small business ideas, “time” is your inventory and your biggest investment.
  • Virtual event planning is a profitable business idea if you enjoy organizing and connecting people.
  • Listen to this interview with Save the Student’s founder about how he started a business in his first year of university.

As flexible working looks set to stay for the long-term, it’s no surprise that businesses that can be run from home were some of the most popular new trades in 2021. On top of this, demand for sustainable packaging is growing – so it’s something all catering businesses need to be aware of. We’ve got some top tips from food sharing company Olio on how to make your business more sustainable. Our data shows that the number of freelancers and tradespeople offering services to clients continued to rise last year. Women in Enterprise is a collection of places, organisations, networks, events, and sources of advice and resources to help women develop their businesses.

Pricing is about more than profit

As the saying goes there are two things you can always rely on “death and taxes”. The latter is usually the bane of most people’s existence and is of major importance to business. As the world becomes more technology focused, many people have struggled to keep up, this is a problem as information technology equipment consistently breaks down and needs fixing.

Not every business starts with a flash of inspiration about a brand

Everybody loves dogs but the majority of us have no time or energy to walk our dog/s after a busy day at the office. There’s always a steady demand for moving objects from location A to location B. Particularly with the boom of eCommerce, the number of heavier packages and objects that need individual delivery or courier services has increased sharply. A huge proportion of UK PR’s operate as freelancers either working directly with clients or on behalf of larger PR agencies.

We catch up with the fitness-tech company taking the world by storm with their immersive combat game as they settle into their new office at Kennington Park. Our properties are home to a diverse collection of business types – whatever your field, you’ll fit in working from Workspace. Get free online marketing tips and resources delivered directly to your inbox. The pursuit of perfection can be one of the biggest hurdles in getting a business up and running. Some of the reasons for decline include decreased foot traffic—fewer people shopping, traveling, and going to work—and hygiene-related hesitations around touching surfaces.

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