Across town, brisket burger and chicken-fried ribs are on the menu. In Tel Aviv, Yotam explores Israel’s freshest produce, samples seafood with a delicious twist and cooks alongside cutting-edge chefs. Ina is producing everyone’s favourite classic steakhouse recipes, but she’s adding a twist. She makes sautéed wild mushrooms and crispy cornmeal-fried onion rings. There’s barbecue chicken pizza with spicy slaw, spicy veggie stir fry, spinach pasta bake and stuffed peppers. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and Nigella shares recipes to be enjoyed at any time.

Professional baker Paul Hollywood shows how enriched breads can be the perfect treat. Paul bakes a Sicilian lemon and orange bread with a sweet almond glaze. Guy Fieri spins a wheel to decide how much the chefs will get to spend on ingredients for their dishes. Tom showcases the best way to cook some of the nation’s favourite pub meals.

He learns about how the many different cultures have combined to create this cuisine. Yotam Ottolengi explores Mallorca to learn about the island’s incredible local cuisine. During his trip, he gets to cook in one of the world’s most beautiful spots. Casey Webb is in Boise, Idaho to sample their burger celebrations and potato innovations.

She makes Parmesan crisps with red pepper mayonnaise and steak and avocado buns. James sails into Ibiza, where he discovers its version of chorizo and finds out why lard is key to their traditional baking. Yotam Ottolenghi heads to Crete for this part of his Mediterranean food adventure.

For the theme of surprises, the eight remaining competitors make molten lava cakes. And, they create smashable desserts using coconut as the main flavour. Casey Webb visits Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to try the traditional perogies. Plus, he tackles an enormous five-pound sandwich stuffed with meat, fries and coleslaw. Guy Fieri invites four superstar chefs to compete in a budget battle.

He cooks venison with morello cherries and hazelnut spaetzle. Giada keeps her guests entertained before kick-off by hosting a pre-game burger bash. She prepares mortadella meatball sliders and cacciatore chips. Michel makes mouth-watering pork steaks with asparagus and courgettes. Later, he demonstrates how to cook the perfect souffléed cheese omelette.

Jamie travels to the snow-capped Italian Alps to seek out Piedmont’s legendary comfort food. Plus, he cooks dumplings with roasted red onions and crispy pancetta. After making chicken soup for lunch and cherry pie to have for dessert later, she lets Ladd and the kids make a full steak dinner. Nigella Lawson, the queen of the kitchen, shares a handful of easy, time-saving meals.