Use the filter to see the variety of recipes on offer allowing you to whip up a tasty home cooked meal every day without ever having to worry. Dale Pinnock’s filling curry is packed with peanut butter, sweet potatoes and spinach. Orzo makes a quick alternative to risotto, no stirring for half an hour! The starch from the pasta makes a creamy sauce without the cream. Orzo is also great to use in a vegetable soup.

Ideally the spice paste should be made 24 hours in advance for maximum flavour. This wonderful warming korma is infused with saffron, garam masala and chilli spices and served with plain wholemeal paratha. Scallops and shiitake mushrooms add a touch of luxury to Jeremy Pang’s lo mein recipe, but its foundation is actually a very simple egg noodle stir fry. The subtle hint of dark chocolate in the sauce adds a depth of … Read More

Locally landed and professionally frozen for freshness, these delicious Wild Hake Fillets are delicious with strong flavours such as chorizo. NEW for the Jubilee Celebrations, this hand-filled pie is packed full of juicy British chicken in a gently spiced coronation sauce. Enjoy our grass-fed British beef in a delicious burger with the additional depth of flavour that comes from rich bone marrow. Laksa is a spicy noodle soup popular across South Asia.

I work with brands developing healthy (mostly vegan and gluten-free) recipes with professional photos. I also create professional step-by-step recipe videos that are easy for anyone to follow. Swap chicken for sautéed tofu in this clever vegan twist on a classic, served with a white wine sauce and long-stemmed broccoli. All the ingredients are easy to get hold of and it’s on the table in 25 minutes for an easy, healthy bowl of comfort.

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Return the saucepan to the heat and gently bring back to the boil. Pour in the egg mixture and beat together. This delicious ice cream requires no churning, so its perfect if you don’t have an ice cream machine. This ice cream is my freezer friend.

This recipe comes from our very own CRM Assistant, Amy, and it couldn’t be easier. Containing just two ingredients, all you need to do is blitz two frozen bananas with a tablespoon of peanut butter and voila! A super silky, ultra-decadent dessert that’s impossibly healthy, too. Spoon into a large loaf tin lined with baking paper or cling film. Wrap in cling film and freeze for at least 6 hours before turning out and slicing or scooping straight from the tin.

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The kid-friendly meal is a great option for busy weeknights because, once the pasta’s boiled, all the ingredients combine in a single baking dish. Save these pizza casserole recipes for the next time you need a simple, crowd-pleasing dinner. This is my favorite easy dinner recipe. I make this curry at least once a week and never get tired of it.

It’s a recipe that I discovered for the first time in Florence. If you don’t have black kale, you can simply use normal kale. Loaded with simple roasted veggies and a tangy avocado-tomatillo sauce, these vegetarian tacos are an easy weeknight dinner full of flavor. We have more than 60 delicious, flexible recipe ideas with step-by-step instructions to help you make quick and easy, healthier family dinners.

A creamy mushroom pasta, ready in less than 30 minutes. Perfect for a quick, comforting dinner! It’s easy to make, vegan, … Read More

Mediterranean Breakfast Casserole is a low-carb, keto, rustic breakfast that is easy to make and is perfect for sharing with family and friends. It requires only chicken sausage, kale, tomatoes, and feta cheese. It contains only 7 grams of carb, so you don’t have to worry about your health, and it’s too tasty. It can be your favourite seafood dish and you can make it anytime and serve your family and friends with this amazing mouth-watering recipe. It takes no more than 30 minutes and it tastes divine.

Although these can be unpleasant, they are usually temporary and shouldn’t be harmful in the long term. Speak to your healthcare professional if you’re concerned about any of these. Depending on the approach, following a low-carb diet may also lead to other side effects, such as constipation or bad breath.

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10 years ago I fell seriously ill out of the blue which left me bed bound for 2 years and house bound for the next 4 years. I decided to open my blog in 2016 to share my recovery journey and passion for food with the world. This is a pared-down, cheap and cheerful lasagne, easy to jazz up with your own choice of fillings or a grating of cheese on top. Use up leftover salsa or make one from scratch for this hearty couscous salad.

We left out traditional ingredients like saffron to make it cheaper, and mussels because it was just getting a bit too complicated. We kept it simple with cod and prawns, and it’s delicious. Whether you live alone, are in a couple or have a family, our healthy recipes can help make meals times that little bit easier.

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Overwhelmed by the task of getting dinner on the table tonight? Most bacon-wrapped Brussels sprouts recipes call for holding everything together with toothpicks, but we skip that step. Setting the bacon seam-side down on the baking sheet makes it seal in the hot oven. The maple syrup glaze helps to make each bite sweet and caramelised. Ree cooks a hearty Tex-Mex lunch for Ladd and Cowboy Tim who are out fixing fences. There’s grilled steak with quesadillas, spicy beans and ranch salad.

For the theme of surprises, the eight remaining competitors make molten lava cakes. And, they create smashable desserts using coconut as the main flavour. Casey Webb visits Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to try the traditional perogies. Plus, he tackles an enormous five-pound sandwich stuffed with meat, fries and coleslaw. Guy Fieri invites four superstar chefs to compete in a budget battle.

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A creamy mushroom pasta, ready in less than 30 minutes. Perfect for a quick, comforting dinner! It’s easy to make, vegan, creamy, and full of healthy fats from the homemade cashew cream. Pesto is an old-time favorite, as you just put all the ingredients in a blender, cook pasta al dente, and you are set for dinner. This black kale pesto recipe is made with cavolo nero.

And if you love asparagus, don’t forget to check out my favorite asparagus risotto. They are perfect for a quick and easy light dinner. They are filled with hummus, fresh veggies, sprouts, and a creamy tahini sauce. Perfect for when you don’t have time and can’t be bothered to cook at all as everything is raw. Don’t know what to make for dinner tonight? Delicious, quick, and easy that are tasty but super-fast and simple to make.

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This indulgent peanut butter and cookie ice cream is very easy to make and requires… ”This recipe uses Giovanna’s mum’s classic, foolproof ice cream base with a dark cinnamon sauce… Freezing doesn’t kill salmonella bacteria; it merely makes them dormant. Add the sugar to the egg yolks and whisk until pale and thick.

Our HR Assistant Lauren is a big fan of this one as it reminds her of blissful summers spent escaping from the Italian sun in parasol-shaded cafes. Have eight 150ml lolly moulds and wooden sticks ready. Pour a little chocolate mixture into the base of each mould, followed by a tablespoon of plum mixture. Pour in a slightly more generous helping of chocolate and another tablespoon of plum, repeating until you reach the top of each mould. Freeze for 40 minutes, the put a wooden lolly stick into each mould – it should stand upright.

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Look for recent or frozen butternut squash noodles or spiralize them your self using the long, skinny neck of a big squash. Grilled Chicken with Farro & Roasted Cauliflower You can discover farro in most grocery shops, near the rice. If you can’t find farro, you can use wheat berries or brown rice as an alternative; cook based on package deal instructions. In this Brussels sprouts salad recipe, the sharpness of the sprouts gets tamed with honey, toasted almonds and shaved Parmesan cheese. It comes together in about 20 minutes–you’ll be able to thinly slice the Brussels sprouts with a knife or mandoline, however it’s overkill for weeknights.

It’s an easy summer time side you’ll come again to many times. The result is an ideal vegetarian, late-summer time dinner everybody will enjoy. The marjoram provides a distinct earthy aroma. If you do not have marjoram in your spice arsenal, you … Read More