Website Design and Development Cosmic Computers

The legal requirements for presenting such data will also be considered. In terms of website design, human computer interaction is concerned with how website visitors view, navigate and use the website. Firstly the ‘user experience’ in terms of how the website appears to most people.

  • The mobile-friendly site offers most of the same things but is built to work well on smaller screens.
  • Indeed, the responsive approach does not give you as much control as the adaptive, but it is comparatively easier to create and maintain it.
  • It is simply copper wires that we can hook up to a computer and send electricity through.
  • This will enable you to build a portfolio of your design and development skills and technical ability.

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Website development and design

By getting together with you the customer and looking at any brochures, logos, and printed material you may have. This will give us the colour scheme for the web design and the images to use for the top or side banners. We will ask you about what your business does and the services you provide to your customers. From this we can discuss ideas for the content of the web site and agree on the number of web pages and their titles. We will also be able to provide a hosting package to meet the requirements and demands of your web site. The personal information you supply to us via our contact forms is used for the sole purpose of contacting you in order to answer requests to us for information on the products and services we offer.

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