Looking to have a special evening with your significant other without spending too much? You can plan a romantic, well-thought-out dinner right at your home! Make sure you give thought while picking dishes and your drinks. You can order your champagne from drinksupermarket.

If your partner is allergic to any kind of alcoholic beverages then you can opt for healthy food company productsby reviewing what worked for some people and what did not work out.

Dishes and drinks do not solely make a perfect date. Here are some budget-friendly steps that you can take to make your night memorable.

1.  Pick a location wisely

A good location is the first step to setting the mood right. Why stick to the dining room? Set up a table and two chairs in the garden if you have one. If not, the balcony is always a good second option. Want to put in a little more effort? Try taking things to the roof – who doesn’t love a good rooftop dinner, right?

On the other hand, if you want to do things a little less conventionally, sitting at the kitchen island can be a good move if you want to interact with your partner or even have them help you out during the cooking process.

2.  A simple, appropriate menu

Take time to know the likes and dislikes of your partner when it comes to food. Pay attention to their eating habits. Are they vegetarian or vegan? Are they lactose intolerant? Is there a specific cuisine they’ve been wanting to try out? Which protein is their favourite?


For drinks, wine is the best option if you’re having a romantic night with your loved one (assuming that you and your partner are wine drinkers). Pick a red wine if you plan to have steaks or other meat-based dishes.

For lighter dishes such as salads, white wine works best. If things are more casual, even beer works. Not up for alcohol? You can never go wrong with plain old water with a squeeze of lemon juice.


While deciding on an appetizer, pick fun-to-eat finger foods which are also easy and quick to assemble. Deviled eggs are a good choice if you’re feeling fancy. A simple bowl of tortilla chips with some guacamole or salsa (both of which can be bought from your nearest super-market) works too!

Main course

For the most important part – your main course – pick a simple dish that doesn’t require too much preparation time and is also easy to eat, you don’t want to make a mess! Some good options include (but aren’t limited to): homemade pizza (you can even buy a pre-made crust from the super-market), sautéed chicken and vegetables and pasta (penne pasta, tortellini or ravioli, in particular, being the best options).


For dessert, try not to overthink it too much. Some cupcakes from your local bakery or your partner’s favourite flavour of ice-cream should do the job.

3.  Decorate

Fairy lights or candlelight will heighten the intimacy of the atmosphere and will also cast a flattering glow. Scatter some fresh rose petals around the table or place them in a vase in the centre.

4. Music

Play some music at the back to create an ambience (make sure it’s not too loud), soft jazz musicis one of the best options. Overall, the most important part of your special night with your significant other is that you relax and enjoy each other’s company. Don’t fuss about it too much! Wear some nice clothes, have a delicious meal and turn off your phones.