Susan Dale’s recipes based on beef meat are among the most searched by American people, therefore I placed here the best 10. Even if you can search on google, I decided to write here what I prepared and liked.


1. Ground Beef with Mozzarella


This quick dinner is an American cuisine recipe made in a casserole dish, stuffed with green beans and tomato sauce. The Mozzarella and the ground beef are blending perfectly and the taste is super. Ground Beef with Mozzarella is an American recipe made in a casserole dish, stuffed with green beans and tomato sauce. The Mozzarella added before cooking will make the casserole dish sinfully rich, better flavor, and gooey. The ground beef is popular as a quick-cooking form of beef, but it also is very tasteful and is used as a common ingredient around the world. The Mozzarella is added to give to the ground beef a special flavor as it does to the Italian Lasagna. I have used mozzarella instead of any other kind of cheese because it does not hide the taste of the ground beef, instead, it adds a neutral flavor.



2. Pasta Shells Stuffed with Beef


I have tried many recipes before, but every time something was missing. Then I decided to Susan DALE’s stuffed pasta shells, and it tastes like a rainbow with every bite. It is the best recipe you’ll ever have for this kind of dish. She balanced the tastes and flavors to obtain the perfect recipe for Cheesy Stuffed Pasta Shells with Beef.



3. Chinese Beef with Green Peppers, Rice and Soy Sauce 


The Beef with Green Peppers and Soy Sauce Recipe is very easy to cook and combines the Beef flavor with the spicey Green Pepper. Adding the soy sauce will make it even more awesome. The best way to make Chinese Beef with Green Peppers and Soy Sauce is to cook it by the original Chinese dish, without adding any variations to it. It is simple, fast cooking, and delicious. Yes, Susan recommends the original recipe, the one made by 80% of Chinese master chefs.



4. Ground Beef & Rice Casserole


The recipe for Ground Beef Casserole with Rice is one of the greatest homemade dishes you can encounter on the internet. With or without the additional ingredients, the beef casserole is as great as it can be! Choose your ingredients wisely and you’ll have one of the greatest dinners ever! Susan simply recommends buying ground beef from trusted Brands or local farmers, because this will make the difference between very good and very bad!



5. Hawaiian Marinated Beef Steak


Flank or steak tips, great marinade, and a grill. What more can someone want? Hawaiian Marinated Steak is a recipe that includes the soy sauce, and where is soy sauce I think it’s awesomeness! That steak marinated one day long and the second day cooked on a grill is a “rainbow” for your taste buds. Trust me, this is one of the best BBQ you ever tasted. Before you take out the grill, you should know that first, you need to marinate the steak and let it in the marinade over the night. Until the next day, don’t touch the steak. Another recommendation is to let it 30-40 minutes at room temperature after taken out of the freezer. This dish is complete if it’s served alongside a green salad.



6. New England’s Beef Pot Roast


The Beef Pot Roast New England is one of my favorites recipes, full of taste and with a great design, one that makes this dish a great idea for special occasions. Beef Pot Roast New England is a high skilled cook recipe, with a great taste and one that makes you proud regarding your kitchen skills. Besides the great taste and flavor, the New England Beef Pot Roast isn’t a lightweight dish, therefore, don’t make it if you have heart problems or the cholesterol to the roof.



7. Beef Tenderloin with Cocoa Glaze & Pineapple Salsa


Beef Tenderloin with Cocoa Glaze & Pineapple Salsa Recipe, known also cocoa-spiced beef tenderloin with pineapple salsa is a professional recipe with which Susan is to share it with us. Besides the fact it is full of flavor and will tickle your taste buds, it can be done with medium cooking skills.



8. Orange-Glazed Beef Flank Steak with Crispy Vegetables


Orange-Glazed Beef Flank Steak with Crispy Vegetables is a great dish for dinner, one that will show your true skills in the kitchen. From the beginning, I’ll let you know that you should go to the supermarket in order to find all the required ingredients. This recipe requires medium cooking skills, ingredients you will only find in the supermarket or hypermarket (some of them), but surely these efforts will be appreciated by those who will taste this professional dish of Orange-Glazed Beef with Crisp Vegetables.



9. Marinated Beef, Asparagus, & Rice


This Asian recipe for beef & asparagus with rice is the healthiest stir-fry you’ll ever find. Fermented black beans give the original Chinese taste to the sauce, making it the best topping for beef & asparagus. This stir-fried beef & asparagus recipe is one of those 45-minute, over-rice, easy-to-make, one-pan dishes with a great sauce to soak into.



10. Marinated Italian Beef Kabobs


The Italian Beef Kabobs with Marinade recipe can be made with beef bone-in sirloin, or round steak (1 inch thick). However, the taste of marinated Italian Beef Kabobs is incredible. I do recommend making it once, and for sure you’ll make it again. Besides the great taste of this dish, it can be a lifesaver if you remain out of main course ideas with beef meat.



Who is Susan Dale?

High skilled cook, mother, wife, art passionate, fitness guru, and dieting expert. Most of her recipes found on are for weight loss, healthy or for detox (most of them).


Of all the passions I have had over time, food is still the most important, as a first and constant great love. Thanks to cooking, I came to discover the beauty of creating art and share my recipes thanks to my team from and my restaurants. – Susan Dale


If you didn’t hear of her recipes, take a look at her online cookbook and try something. You won’t regret it!



Vitamins for Beef Meat

This type of meat has the following vitamins: B12 (necessary for blood formation and brain), Zinc(necessary for body growth and maintenance), Selenium (serves for a variety of functions in your body), Iron (making red blood cells, which carry oxygen around the body), B3 Niacin (is fighting against heart disease), B6 (necessary for blood formation and metabolism), Phosphorus (Necessary for body growth and maintenance).