This will help you gain work experience and increase your chances of employability after you graduate. On successful completion of this programme you will receive a degree accredited by The Institution of Engineering and Technology. Royal Holloway is located within the South East regional hub of electronics businesses, meaning you’ll benefit from links to some of the top UK-based electronics companies. If you experience any difficulties accessing the online application then you should visit theApplication Troubleshooting/FAQspage. If you’re starting a full-time or part-time postgraduate Doctoral course from 1 August 2019 you can apply for a Postgraduate Doctoral Loan of up to £25,700. You have torepay your Postgraduate Master’s Loanat the same time as any other student loans you have.

  • If we make a significant change to your chosen course, we’ll let you know as soon as we can.
  • You will develop an appreciation of the legal, ethical and regulatory frameworks focusing on developing your core employability skills.
  • Where courses require achievement in GCSE Maths, we normally look for a score of4or higher in Maths within theSecondary Education Certificate .
  • You could also take part in a scheme for undergraduates where you work on research projects with academics over the summer period.
  • Where courses require achievement in GCSE Maths, we would normally look for a score of ‘C’ or higher ingrade 10Maths.

For example, smartphones are multi-functional devices and we look at mobile device internal components in the next lesson. Other examples include smartphones which combine a phone, camera, computer, touchscreen, etc. all into one device. This saves us on having to carry these separate devices around with us all the time.

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Our student accommodation is close to teaching, sports, catering and the Union. Highlighting the benefits customers experienced after using our solutions and services. There are four open days every year, usually in June, July, September and October.

Computers Systems

You will also take part in a major group project with an industrial orientation. You’ll learn through a combination of lectures, practical labs and tutorials and independent study. By the end of your first year you’ll have learnt the full range of core foundations for control and systems engineering, as well as broader engineering skills. Our teaching is based on a systematic and structured approach to support your learning.

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Some core texts can be bought second-hand or as an ebook which can often reduce this cost. The University will notify applicants of any changes made to the core modules listed above. We never talk to you using complicated computer language, we never baffle you with science and never ask you to get more involved than performing the most basic of routine system housekeeping tasks (because that’s our job), unless of course, you want to. We provide our customers with the latest, top quality technology – efficiently, reliably and on budget. There are all kinds of multi-functional device, such as a multi-functional printer and a smartphone. A multi-functional device could really be anything and so could have all kinds of internal components.

Computer systems

Where courses have specific subject requirements, these will be expected to be studied within one of the above qualifications. This module provides an introduction to core areas of discrete mathematics such as logic, set theory and probability, that form the foundation of computer science and that are required in other modules within the Computing Systems course at Ulster. Each concept is introduced at an abstract level, before being applied to areas of computing such as logic circuits and data analysis.