Types of Sugar and Their Uses

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Types of Sugar and Their Uses
Types of Sugar and Their Uses

Made from sugarcane juice or coconut juice, sugar serves to give a sweet and legit taste to various sweet foods and drinks. Apart from being a sweetener, sugar combined with salt can use as a healthier substitute for MSG. Just add a pinch of sugar to the dish, then the savory taste will come out of the dish you make.

Sugar is the most popular sweetener for foods and drinks in Indonesia. There are several other types of sugar that can use as a flavoring or food garnish.

Granulated sugar

Granulated sugar comes from sugar cane juice that boiled until thick and then we grind it into granulated sugar. This sugar can use as a sweetener for drinks, cakes, food flavors, and the main ingredient for making caramel. Shaped like fine crystals with a slightly rough texture, granulated sugar has a multifunctional sweetener taste.

Caster sugar

At first glance, caster sugar has an appearance that resembles powdered sugar. The difference is that caster sugar has a smoother texture with fine grains that are still visible. Caster sugar is often used as a mixture of icing and whipped cream to enhance the appearance of the cake. To know more about sports you can visit this site lidaweb

Rock sugar

As the name implies, rock sugar has a physical resemblance to medium-sized crystal stones. Made from a solution of sugarcane juice boiled with water, rock sugar has a very hard texture and is not easily soluble in water.

In Indonesia, rock sugar can be used as a sweetener in tea and other traditional drinks. In addition, we can also eat rock sugar directly as an antidote to the bitter taste of consuming traditional medicines.

Brown sugar

Brown sugar that from granulated sugar mixed with molasses or sugar cane juice which is dark brown in color with a very thick texture. So, Brown in color with a slightly wet texture and sticky to the touch, brown sugar has a distinctive caramel aroma.

Brown sugar (Gula Merah)

In Indonesia, brown sugar is one of the traditional sweeteners. Then, this sugar is one of the mainstay sweeteners for various traditional foods. This sugar is usually an antidote to the bitter taste after drinking herbal medicine.

Powdered sugar

Powdered sugar is pure granulated sugar that has the appearance of white milk powder. Pure granulated sugar will combine with cornstarch throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that the powdered sugar does not coagulate easily.
The maize flour mixture also reduces the sweetness of the powdered sugar, making it less appropriate for use in drinks. Powdered sugar usually can use as a garnish or decoration on cakes or other sweet treats.

Crystal sugar

Crystallized sugar has a similar appearance to granulated sugar but with a coarser size and texture. In addition, crystal sugar is also not easy to melt when heated. Due to its non-melting properties, crystal sugar can use as a topping for various cakes, pretzels, and cookies. Crystal sugar mix with a few drops of food coloring to enhance the appearance of the food.