Vietnamese Cakes Similar to Indonesian Cakes

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Vietnamese Cakes Similar to Indonesian Cakes
Vietnamese Cakes Similar to Indonesian Cakes

Vietnamese Cakes- Vietnam is not only famous for its menu of healthy and appetizing dishes such as banh mi and pho. Vietnam is also famous for its various cakes, which are mostly made from rice flour and cassava. In Vietnam, the term banh means bread or cake, so all breads and cakes there are always added with the word banh in front of it. The frequent use of rice flour and cassava makes some Vietnamese cakes similar to Indonesian cakes. Want to know what cakes are similar? Come on, see the following reviews:

Banh Bo

First, Banh bo, also known as cow cake, is a sponge cake with a chewy texture and a sweet taste. Next, Banh bo is made from rice flour, water, sugar, coconut milk and yeast. At first glance this cake is similar to a typical Indonesian bowl. Banh bo consists of two types, namely those cooked by steaming aka banh bo hap and those cooked by roasting aka banh bo nuong.

Banh Khoai Mi

Second, Banh khoai mi is a cake made from grated cassava, sugar, coconut milk, and salt. In terms of raw materials, this cake is similar to the Javanese wingko in Indonesia. The taste is a combination of sweet, legit, and savory from coconut milk. There are two types of banh khoai mi, namely the baked or banh khoai mi nuong and the steamed one, aka banh khoai mi hap.

Banh Da Lon

Banh da lon is also known as pork skin cake. Although called pork skin cake, but there is no use of pork skin in the dough. Its chewy texture like pork skin makes this cake known as pork skin cake. If you see banh da lon, you will definitely remember the layer cakes or pepe cakes that are widely sold in traditional Indonesian markets. So, Banh da lon is made from tapioca flour, rice flour, coconut milk, and sugar.

Banh Com

Third, Banh com is made from rice and green beans. The outside is covered with glutinous rice that has been pounded and given green coloring. The texture is very chewy and legit. The use of green beans as the filling makes banh com taste similar to my cake from Indonesia. So, Banh com is very popular in Hanoi.

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Banh Chuoi

Four, Banh chuoi is a Vietnamese banana cake. Next, Banh chuoi is made from banana, coconut milk, sugar, bread, grated young coconut, sweetened condensed milk, butter, egg, and vanilla extract. Banh chuoi consists of two types, namely banh chuoi nuong which is baked until the surface is crisp and golden brown. Then banh chuoi hap which is added with rice flour and processed by steaming similar to Indonesian-style bread pudding.

Banh Phu The

Banh phu te means husband and wife cake because this cake often appears at wedding celebrations. At first glance, banh phu te is similar to papeda from Papua because of its chewy shape and white color. Banh phu tea is made from rice stuffed with green beans and then wrapped in a box of pandan leaves.